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Philadelphia is Booming Join Our Adventure

Fenix Property Group provides above average returns on safe investments on real estate in the burgeoning towns of Philadelphia.

Why Invest In Philadelphia Real Estate?

There are so many reasons to invest in Philadelphia property. There are multiple blossoming neighborhoods, retail areas, and more people than ever. People are migrating from other cities to capitalize on Philadelphia’s new jobs, low costs, and other benefits.

Steady GDP Growth

While Philadelphia’s GDP has grown only 2% each year since 2010, this growth is consistent and safe to bet on, unlike the dynamic cities.

Millennial Migration

Philadelphia leads all cities in the US in millennial growth from 2005 – 2018. Young people are attracted by the growing job market, and the rebirth of Philly neighborhoods!

More Money in the City

Philadelphia’s economy is moving! Developers can not build fast enough.

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If your property does not meet our criteria, we will still help to educate you about the market and best options to sell!

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